The astonishing beauty and the healing power of forests

    In Koupa we will celebrate this year's European Day of Parks  with a double aim: The one is to involve the larger public in capturing "photographically" the landscapes, landmarks and other beauties of our forest, and also of our village, including its people. The other is to get the same public acquainted, in situ as well as virtually, with the place's biodiversity and especially its rare and interesting flora.
    Supporting our Cooperative, as co-organizers, are the local authority of Skra, the
    while the whole event will be under the auspices of the Region of Central Macedonia,/Regional Unit of Kilkis and the Municipality of Paionia, which we thank them too.
    The participation of the public with visits, photos, and comments that, after due endorsement, can be posted on the sites of the above groups, as wells as on our site all the way from May the 16nth to May the 24r 2022, is as free as welcome.
    The whole event will culminate in the 22nd of May (Sunday) with an open-participation walk in the forest for photos and recordings, a relevant presentation and discussion in the local Cultural Center and a closing light brunch in its yard.
    Στιγμιότυπο από την συγκέντρωση στις 22/05/2022

    Χρήσιμα Για Τον Χρήστη

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